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ارسال توسط == ایران سرگرمی == 09123088969 ==

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Academy Hobby Model Kit

Technical Data
LENGTH 316mm
WIDTH 172mm
TREAD(F) 137mm
TREAD(R) 132mm

PC Body, RS380 Motor, Speed controller included.
Independent front wheel suspension.
Ball differential included.
Adjustable caster, camber, ride height.
Option parts available to tune-up.
Easy to set-up and tune-up.
High grip radial tires with inner foam.
Nerfwing, Rear chassis brace included.

Kit Features
SP3 Matiz is an On-Road Type R/C Car to run on paved road. Inherited from the standard chassis of SP3 Extreme, it has distinctive features of swift driving and rapid speed and especially, with the body shape of "Matiz" consulted with Daewoo Motor, it has not only high performance but also very cute appearance.
As the 90% completed item, you can enjoy SP3 Matiz easily just by simple setting. Also since very detailed setting on each part of the standard chassis is available, any style is possible to make easily as what the driver wishes. Furthermore, various tuning option parts are on sale now and it can be improved to have high performance giving satisfaction to senior level users, too.

* It needs radio control equipment and Ni-Cd battery charger to run this product.

ارسال توسط == ایران سرگرمی == 09123088969 ==

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